Flawless Money Limited | A niche consultancy focusing on payments and dealing with the financial regulation of electronic money, money remittance, and other payments.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts can assist you with all aspects of electronic money and payment service regulatory compliance.

Compliance Policies & Procedures

For organisations new to the regulatory environment or expanding their operations we can support the development and implementation of compliance policies, and procedures.

Compliance Manuals & Compliance Monitoring Programmes

We can develop compliance manuals and monitoring programmes to suit the scale and complexity of your business.

Independent Compliance Audits for Regulated Companies

We can provide an objective expert view on your compliance status along with pragmatic recommendations on changes to meet regulatory requirements.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

We can advise you on the set up of procedures and controls proportionate to the risks facing your business and ensure AML compliance. We can draft and update your documentation, provide training and ad-hoc advice.

Compliance Training

We can supply training to support all of your compliance arrangements. Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.