Flawless Money Limited | A niche consultancy focusing on payments and dealing with the financial regulation of electronic money, money remittance, and other payments.

Legal & Regulatory

We work closely with the law firm FM Legal, which is our sister firm. Together we can meet both your legal and consultancy needs and handle all aspects of transactional and advisory work, such as setting up your business, obtaining the relevant authorisations or exemptions, negotiating and drafting agreements, negotiating with the relevant authorities such as the FCA, ensuring your regulatory compliance (including IT compliance), creating or reviewing your compliance manuals, meeting your general corporate governance as well as handling any general corporate and commercial work you may require.

We provide a broad range of assistance to electronic money and money remittance organisations on the application of European and national regulation to their businesses. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Advice on appropriate regulatory frameworks
  • Coordinating applications for Electronic Money Issuer (ELMI) authorisation with competent financial authorities.
  • Impact analysis of current and forthcoming national and EU legislation
  • Guidance on Anti-Money Laundering legislation
  • Advice on market condition and opportunities
  • Engagement and lobbying of regulatory and government bodies to seek provision for clients services in forthcoming regulation